Monday, August 30, 2010

My Diorama

This is my homework.It is a diorama of a Maori pa.For the sky I used blue paper and for the grass I used green paint.Next I got a piece of cardboard and then I stuck ice block sticks on the cardboard.I did not have enough sticks so I used two different colours,then we left it to dry.Afterwards I got some pipe cleaners and made some birds and people out of the pipe cleaners,next firstly made three holes at the top of the box,then got some string and put some string round the birds.After I put the string through the hole and pulled it out the other side, I made a knot in all three pieces of string. That's how I got the birds hanging.Next I got the piece of cardboard again and stapled the sides together, snapped two sticks in half and glued them on the white part and then left it to dry.Then I got a straw and cut it into three equal parts then cut the three equal parts in half and stuck them together and then I stuck it on the lady's legs.Next I got some string and stuck it in the lady's hand.Afterwards I got a blue piece of paper and drew a fish and put some scales on it. Then I cut it out,next I stuck it in the little boys hand. I got some wood and snapped it in half and stuck the in a bonfire shape.Then I got some red and brown paper.I made a fire with these things.Next I got the piece of cardboard again painted the white bit black for the entrance,I did not want a real entrance.Then I got a stick and stuck it to the mans hands.Afterwards I got a brown piece of paper and made it into a cone shape,then I stuck some different coloured ice block sticks on the cone. I had to spread the ice block sticks out or they would not stick.Next I stuck the little boy down,then I stuck the man down and last but not least I stuck the lady down. It was quite hard because I got tangled up with the string and I had to sit it down. Afterwards I got blue tack and got the circle shaped piece of cardboard and put the blue tack underneath the circle shaped piece of cardboard and then I put it on the green grass and I pushed it down.Then the last thing I had to do was put the cone inside the circle shaped piece of cardboard to make a little hut. Phew! That is how I made my diorama!

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